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Glasses & lenses

Choosing Your Eyewear – YES . . . there is a difference!


An Optometrist is like an Architect, and the dispenser of your eyewear is like a contractor. We all know what happens to a building when the contractor is not using quality products, measurements or assembly methods. Can you imagine a contractor building a structure without ever visiting the client or the site? That is the equivalent of online ordering. At West Vancouver Optometry, our licensed professionals provide face-to-face consultations, and know how to choose materials and assemble them with care. With our on-site lab, we are able to deliver your glasses to you quickly.

But our service does not stop at the delivery of your eyewear. You also get:

  • Personalized fitting and adjustment of your eyewear as long as you own your glasses
  • Lenses that conform to the highest standards, checked by a licensed professional
  • A  1 year warranty on all premium lenses
  • A 1 year warranty on your frames
  • The knowledge of the Optometrist, Opticians and Optometric Assistants if you have questions


We know your eyewear is the first thing many people will see when they look at you. It affects your appearance, job performance and enjoyment of life. We love offering the latest styles and vision options to you so that you always get the best results. Considering more than one pair? Let us show you how the same prescription can be filled with different frame and lens combinations to optimize your result for sports, computers, high fashion and more!

Caring for Anti-Reflective Coated Lenses:

  • Always use spray cleaner (or water) to rinse off lenses. Never clean lenses dry!
  • Pat dry with soft cloth or towel. Do not rub the lenses vigorously.
  • Polish lenses with clean mirco-clair cloth.

Helpful Hints

  • Avoid extreme heat (ie. leaving glasses on dashboard or going into sauna).
  • Avoid strong chemicals (ie. spray cleaners for house, hairspray or chlorine).
  • Store in case, out of direct heat source (ie. not on top of fridge or windowsill).
  • Avoid the use of kleenex tissue on dry lenses.
  • All anti-reflective lenses carry at least a one year warranty against manufacturers defect and normal wear and tear.
  • Many coating companies guarantee their product for two years. Please inquire what your warranty period is.


We deliver excellent value for your money by combining the expertise you need with the products you want at prices you like. People sometimes think a Doctor’s office is more expensive, but our office is part of the largest buying group in Canada, and offers excellent pricing on a wide range of high quality frames and lenses. We will always get to know your needs before suggesting the best ways to fill your prescription. Your vision is a result of the Doctor’s care, careful product choice and precise measurements which can only be done in person. Our staff is pleased to offer you the satisfying result of decades of combined experience and a commitment to quality!