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Corneal topography

The cornea is the clear window on the front of the eye. It is the principal focusing lens of the eye. It changes size and curvature as you age. As the curvature of this clear structure changes, it will effect your ocular prescription. Understanding the curvature of the cornea and its possible defects is necessary to diagnose eye disease and for the proper fitting and prescribing of contact lenses as well as spectacles.

What the Corneal Topographer Does

* Computerized video measurement of corneal shape (plot 8000 points compared with 4 points with older instruments)
* Flat colour topographical map and 3-D image of whole cornea
* Analysis of corneal curvature


* More precise diagnosis and improved treatment of corneal conditions
* Allows patients to see and understand their condition
* Allows monitoring of corneal conditions
* Better communication and co-management of ocular conditions
* Improves accuracy of contact lens fitting and design

Recommended For

* Keratoconus (thinning and protrusion of the cornea)
* Corneal dystrophy and degeneration
* High and complex astigmatism
* Dry eye and ocular surface disease
* Contact lens eye health problems
* Lazy eye (amblyopia) and unexplained reductions in visual acuity
* Cataract surgery pre and post op
* Laser refractive surgery
* Refractive surgery enhancement assessment
* Corneal transplant (PK)
* Gas permeable, soft and disposable contact lens fitting

As most new eyecare technology introduced in the past several years, corneal topography is not covered by the Medical Services Plan, however, we believe it is essential to continually provide our patients the very best of clinical care. We must bill privately for this non-insured, advanced diagnostic service.